As a dance studio owner for over 20 years, I realized that building up the pre-school age group in my business was essential to secure its future success. My pre-school department initially had only around 70 students, and I was running all the classes myself. I knew I needed to increase my numbers, and with some marketing strategies along with a systemized preschool dance curriculum like Ready Set Dance, I was able to quadruple the number of students to over 280!


Here are the six marketing strategies that worked like magic for me:


  1. Greater Brand Consistency and Exposure: I committed to greater brand consistency and exposure on our studio website, Instagram, and Facebook for our pre-school classes. This was made easy with the tools given by RSD HQ, such as logos, photos, website copy, ready-made marketing materials, social media Canva templates, and much more. I started to balance out the promotion of our competition teams and older students by showcasing all parts of our studio, especially the lively fun of our preschool dance programs.
  2. Social Media FREE & PAID Marketing: I used the promo video provided by RSD HQ and posted it on my local Facebook community groups as well as my dance studio Facebook page, which got dozens of shares from our existing customer base. I also set it up as a paid advertisement on Facebook, targeting a carefully selected audience, and invested $20 per day for four weeks. We received many new inquiries, and about 90% converted for a free trial and taster classes.
  3. Advertising: I reached out to all the local pre-schools and childcare centers, offering free dance taster classes in return for writing about us in their newsletters and giving our flyer to all their customers. I also used traditional methods like letterbox drops with eye-catching flyers with an irresistible offer and a time frame in which they had to opt into the offer.
  4. “Pop-up” booth: Create a stall at the local shopping center or mall, offering free trial class passes, and handing out class schedules was a great way to create brand exposure of our new preschool offerings. It allowed us to connect with new customers and educate them on the benefits of having their little one join the magic of dance!
  5. Seeking Out Local Performance Opportunities: I sent my preschool teachers and 4-5-year-old preschoolers to perform for the public at local festivals, shows, carnivals, etc. This increased our exposure in the community and helped attract more students because they are always a hit with the crowd.
  6. Planning “Wow-Factor” Experiences: My team and I planned a bunch of “wow-factor” experiences that captured a sense of excitement for our preschooler dancers and their parents. These included Mother’s Day and Father’s Day “watching weeks,” visits by a real ballerina, in-class disco time with disco lights, Easter egg hunts, Halloween dress-up week, stickers, milestone cards, seasonal photo booths, gifts, and more.

As a result of these marketing strategies, my pre-school department now has over 280 students, which is one-third of my whole studio. With the lifetime value of a young student being huge, getting them to stick with dance from the very beginning means that we can develop brilliant talent and a love for the performing arts. I’m thrilled that the future of my dance studio is secure because most of these students will feed into my Mini, Juniors, through to my Teens, and then my Seniors.


In conclusion, marketing pre-school dance classes is vital to secure the future success of your dance studio. With the right marketing strategies, you can attract more students and create an enjoyable experience for both students and their parents.



Belinda is the Founder of All Starz Performing Arts Studio, in Peakhurst NSW AUSTRALIA, established since 2002. She is also Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of READY SET DANCE.


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