STUDIO – Certification

– On Demand Module + 3 Live Sessions
Mandatory Investment -USD$499
This Studio certification was created for the invested yet busy studio owner who wants to set their preschool department up for success! This course will bridge the gap between your expertise and the preschool customer of today. Complete with a personally guided onboarding, marketing bootcamp and continued education workshop. This certification includes 3 device app access and desktop access plus one Teacher Certification pass for each of the programs the studio has subscribed to. This teacher will also receive their own teacher app access pass.



READY SET DANCE – Teacher Certification

– On Demand Module + 4 Hour Live Session – USD$349

This Teacher Certification will educate teachers in the Ready Set Dance method. How to reach, teach and retain the preschooler of today.

The course focuses on how to best deliver the innovative RSD content that is supported by lyric driven songs and paired with age appropriate choreography. Teachers will be guided in class preparation, class flow, structure, dynamics, class management and the power of props in the preschool space. This course consists of 3 components: pre-learning, live Online tuition and a live Online assessment across all genres, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and singing. Plus Teacher linked app access.


READY SET ACRO – Teacher Certification

– On Demand Module + 3 Hour Live Session – USD$249

Learn the class structure, flow, and content of the Ready Set Acro Preschool curriculum, created by industry leaders Ready Set Dance and Acrobatic Arts. Discover the original music and progressional system designed to enhance engagement among preschoolers and assist them in mastering important milestones. Meet Flexy, Bridgette, and Flip, who bring fun to the classes through songs and rewards, including the new Ready Set Acro report cards, certificates, and medals for your students. No prior acro experience is necessary to become certified!


Ready Set Acro – Extension Short Course

– On Demand Module + 1 Hour Live Session – USD$99

This course, available to certified AcroDance Pre School (Acrobatic Arts) instructors only, is the condensed version of the Ready Set Acro teacher training.


READY SET MOVE – Teacher Certification

– On Demand Module + 1.5 Hour Live Session – USD$149

Ready Set Move training will take you through our developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on early childhood physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. You will learn how to facilitate a class with grownups and toddlers and learn content, tips and strategies that challenge toddlers curiosity, enhance engagement and assist them in mastering important milestones.