Our TV Show


READY SET DANCE is also a TV Show!

We’ve partnered up with the #1 kids entertainment brand in the world, Nickelodeon, to create a READY SET DANCE show!

READY SET DANCE Season 2 plays on Nickelodeon’s pre-school channel, Nick Jr., weekdays at 8.30am and 10.00am and is also available on the Nick Jr. Play App.

The TV show features fun and energetic dance videos that are story-driven and set to an originally composed soundtrack with musical cues. Hosted by friendly animated characters TWIRL and FREEZE. Season 2’s 15 new episodes run for 7 minutes in duration where Kids at home are encouraged to jump up and learn the moves of the day guided by the Kid Crew.

Through this playful social connection with the characters and aspirational Kid Crew role models, READY SET DANCE is building confidence, creativity and coordination among preschoolers everywhere! It differs from other dance shows as it is underpinned by a core educational curriculum that teaches kids fundamental movement skills and helps improve their gross motor skills.

The innovative, participatory dance program premiered in January 2019 to critical praise from preschoolers and parents alike, ranking as the no. 1 Subscription TV program (excluding live sports/movies) amongst children 0-121. Season 1 can currently be viewed on 10 Peach at 10am.

1 Source: OzTAM NatSTV Panel, Live and Overnight Data, 06:00-19:59


TWIRL is a wildcat in a leotard and just like her name suggests, she’s more than just one thing!

She’s proud to wear pink, but, she won’t be defined by her perfect pirouette.

She loves bows AND breakdance, she’s soft but she an roar, the only thing this wild cat is afraid of is being put in a box.

TWIRL is a true reflection of the girls who attend READY SET DANCE.

She has a hilarious sense of mischief and an infectious enthusiasm for life and her attitude of gratitude, means she’s able to take any situation and “spin it around” into something magnificent.


FREEZE is a snaggle toothed snow leopard with “ice cold” rhythm.

His time rocking it solo on the mountain has made him one curious cat with a wild imagination.

He’s the independent kid in class who has an amazing ability to create his own fun, that same self-confidence has made him a generous and reliable friend… he thins everything TWIRL says is hysterical!.

He loves to leave into the unknown head first, if there’s a brand, he’s swinging on it to see if it breaks and if there’s a move he can’t do perfectly you know he’s going the be free-ztyling!