Wow what an incredible team of teachers to lead your children into dance!!! Glenda, Belinda, Priscilla, Jade and Natalie are some of the top teachers in Australia, I would recommend this to every parent / teacher thinking about starting your child in dance, this program dance will help and nurture your child into a strong young dancer. I have had the pleasure working with these teachers and their passion and guidance is something I would want to be involved in with whatever they do. Ready Set Dance Preschooler Program is the start of something incredible for this country!!”

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Marko Panzic
Choreographer for artists such as Jessica Mauboy & Ricki-Lee.

“I believe there are few gifts greater than self-belief, resilience and creativity you can give a child. These life skills are proven to foster better long term emotional health in an individual than any other resilience building tools in our modern world. Introducing children to the creative avenues through dance in a safe, professional environment is never more important than when the building blocks of life are being formed. The Ready Set Dance Program is a fantastic initiative provided by people that I know first-hand have the needs of the children close to their hearts and passionately believe in the power of dance. I cannot recommend the Ready Set Dance Program highly enough and know anyone taking part will experience something rare and unique that will support your child for a lifetime.”

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Margo Ward
Founder & CEO KidsXpress, Expressive Therapy Program for Children

“My mother enrolled me at a Ready Set Dance school at the age of three as I was a shy young girl who didn’t really express emotion well. Being guided through such a nurturing environment it gave me the confidence and support to continue to perform in my first concert and I haven’t looked back since.”

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Eden Petrovski
The Dream Dance Company, Top 8 So You Think You Can Dance 2014

“As an early childhood teacher I was pretty fussy when choosing a dance school for my own daughter when she was a preschooler. I was very impressed with the use of fun props, the laughter from the children and most importantly the whole group involvement. It’s the most developmentally appropriate preschool dance curriculum I have seen.”

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Parent and Early Childhood teacher

“Our shy, quiet daughter transformed into a confident beautiful dancer with a passion for ballet after enrolling her in Ready Set Ballet preschool classes. We know that we chose the right dance school because it has played an integral role in our child’s development and she has made wonderful friends along the way.”

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“As a builder and a father of a 4 year old son, dancing was the last activity I had in mind for him. READY SET DANCE has opened a creative side in him we thought was non-existent. The environment is abundantly positive, encouraging, safe and great for boys.”

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“I started dancing in preschool classes with the creators of READY SET DANCE at the age of 4. It was so great to start at a dance school that supports students right from the beginning as a tiny tot to a senior ready to take on the industry. These classes started my passion for dance and in turn made me want to pursue it as a career.”

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Former student currently touring in Cats The Musical and winner of the Rob Guest Endowment Award

“These lessons have been designed to teach preschoolers all about rhythm and timing, basic dance techniques, teamwork and confidence building, all while they think they are just having fun. When my students skip out of the class to tell their parents all about the fun they had, eager to come again the following week, I know I have done my job well.”

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Ready Set Dance Teacher

“My mother enrolled me into Dance at the age of three as I was a shy young girl who didn’t really express emotion well. It was one of the best decisions she made for me. Being guided and encouraged in a nurturing environment gave me the confidence and support to continue to perform in my first concert and I haven’t looked back since. Ready, Set, Dance classes will further help introduce preschool age children not only to the world of dance but to help them grow into confident individuals, the next generation.”

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Lauren Seymour
Finalist So You Think You Can Dance 2014