What is included in each product?

  • Downloadable music files
  • Professionally produced streamed choreography videos
  • A Helpful Hints document that outlines proven dance teaching tips and early learning outcomes.
  • Printable lyric sheets for each song

What type of licence am I granted?

The business name listed is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the music and choreography at their dance studio.

Who is the licence granted to?

The licence is granted to the business you have registered under. You can use the product at multiple locations if they fall under the umbrella of the same business name. It is a breach of copyright and the permitted licence to provide this solution to any other business.  This means you cannot copy the music for another dance studio or teacher.

Where can I use the products?

The products can be used in dance classes, recitals and holiday camps. The products are not intended to be used at competitions as READY SET DANCE is a fun-based approach to dance.

Can I use the products over and over again?

Yes, once you purchase the product you can use it over and over again in your business.

Can I make copies of the music for my teachers?

In order to protect your own investment, the best option is to provide access to teachers without giving them a downloaded copy.  If this is not practical and teachers need to have a downloaded file, they should be made aware of the licence terms and copyright involved in these products.

Can I make copies of the music for parents so that students can practice?

No.  Making copies devalues your investment and could be the pathway for your local competitors to get the music.  We suggest allowing parents to come into class to film their children for practising purposes.

Can the content be filmed at my recital?

Yes.  READY SET DANCE believes in making memories at recitals and capturing them.

What can I post on social media?

To protect your own investment and abide by copyright restrictions, the content should only appear on social media as a sample of no more than 20-30 seconds.

What can I post on YouTube?

READY SET DANCE products can only be posted on the READY SET DANCE official YouTube or Nickelodeon channels.  If you would like to include the choreography or performance in a montage for your studio please use other music.

Can I vary the choreography?

Yes. The product includes suggested choreography only.  This choreography has been tried and tested on thousands of preschoolers to save valuable planning time and ensure a high standard of training. However, choreography styles vary across different regions and it is important that teachers feel that they can use the products with their own preferences.

Can I use the music for other age groups?

Yes.  Each product will explain which age group it is designed for. However, these needs can be adapted based on the abilities of your class.

Why do preschoolers participate more when you use READY SET DANCE recital routines?

Every line of every song has been created with the idea to keep the little dancers moving.  The choreography matches the cues in the music and lyrics for the entire song. The songs are jampacked with fun in a fresh and current vibe so that preschoolers want to hear them again and again.  The structure of the song is based around the formula that works for an onstage routine rather than just a popular song that kids like.

What benefits do READY SET DANCE products provide for young dancers?

READY SET DANCE delivers the 3 C’s – Coordination, Creativity and Confidence!  Exercises are designed to hit important coordination milestones, allow freestyle and creative choices and build confidence for little dancers.

If I purchase solutions for my dance class can I call my class READY SET DANCE?

No.  This name is trademarked and protected. The READY SET DANCE class is currently only available under an ongoing contractual licensee arrangement in Australia and New Zealand.

Can I provide suggestions for more music and products?

Yes. We would love to hear what content would make your life easier and help grow your programs.  Please send feedback to info@readyset.dance